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Eminentville Schools would like to reassure our parents of its commitment towards a progressive learning scheme even in the course of the recent global monster  ravaging the educational stability of our great nation! We are still eminent with our virtual classroom ( E-learning instruction) and other possible facilitation, which was introduced to you previously, is ready to kick off.

Access information such as links, passwords and usernames will be sent to you soonest. Our facilitators are diligently working from home and will be sending learning activities,  instructions and assignments to our learners, through the E-school platform. It will take your support and flexibility to make this process successful. Though we anticipate a few short comings, this would be breached by our already established communication avenues. In the mean time, please note that the entire school is undergoing washing and  sanitizing. (Toys, floors, surfaces, faucets, lavatories, furniture, gadgets, doorknobs and railings.)

Once again, you are advised to adhere strictly to the global health awareness/measures laid down in the bid to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Stay safe! Stay positive!!